The LapStacker ® Fitting Guide

The LapStacker® fits discreetly onto almost any wheelchair thanks to a wide range of mounting kit options. It is important to understand these options so you can choose the best setup for your wheelchair. Below is a series of videos to guide you through the simple selection process.

Step 1 – Key components and order process

In the Online Selection Tool you’ll be asked to select the Make and Model of wheelchair and depending on your answer you’ll be given one or more Keeper and Retractor Mounting Location options.

Those mounting locations include the Top Tube, the Front Tube, the Lower Tube and the Cross Tube. Some wheelchairs have only one mounting option, while others have multiple, but more on this later. 

Some of the factors that will determine the Keeper and Retractor mounting location for your wheelchair include the design of the chair, and what attachments are on your individual wheelchair. In the videos below we’ll go into more detail to help you choose the best option.

Step 2 – Choosing the Keeper

Ideally, the Keepers, which hold the Buckles and guide the Retractor straps on either side of you, are positioned central to where you will carry items.

While in your wheelchair look down at your side and imagine using the LapStacker® to secure an item. Find the midpoint for this object and take a note of this position on your top tube. 

Is there space for a standard Keeper?

At this point you may be best to transfer out of your wheelchair and remove your cushion. The Keeper is best to be close to the ideal position you noted earlier. Is that position on your seat base? 

If so, check to see if there is 55mm or 2 3/16” of space on your seat base to velcro the Keeper to. This also needs to be forward of any wheel guard so that it isn’t obstructed by your cushion.

If the space is available you can now select the Standard Keeper.

It is important to note that the keeper and the webbing from the retractor unit always need to be aligned. We will go into more detail on this in the Retractor Location videos. 

If there isn’t space on your seat base or you have a folding chair, you will need to select a Snap Fit Keeper. If this means the Keepers are closer to your knees don’t worry, the LapStacker® will still work fine. 

Step 3 – Choosing the best Retractor location

Once you’ve chosen the Keeper, you’re ready to select the best location for the Retractor unit.

If we have the specifications of your wheelchair make and model in our database the online selector tool will provide the mounting options available to you. All you then need to do is decide what mounting location will be best for you.

Some of the key considerations include making sure the Retractor has enough space to align with the Keeper position and is clear of any attachments, or your legs.

Retractor dimensions

The Retractors are 75mm wide by 50mm high or 3×2 inches.

Clamp dimensions

The Clamps are 16mm wide or 5/8 inch

Retractor Location Videos

To help you understand how the LapStacker® is fitted in each of these locations please watch the specific Retractor Location videos below

Top Tube

Front Tube

Cross Tube

Lower Horizontal

Step 4 – Add LapStacker ® to shopping cart

Once you’ve chosen the Retractor mounting location, the online selector will automatically determine the correct LapStacker® bundle for you. All you need to do then is add it to the online cart and proceed to the checkout.

Selection Tool Here

Still have questions? Perhaps our FAQ page can help.